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August, 2020 we currently have five puppies available. One boy & four girls from Rizzo (2 girls - DOB 7/22/2020) and Pinkie (3 boys and 2 girls - DOB 7/19/2020). Email us for availability. Currently two Pinkie pups are already reserved.

August, 2020 - Rizzo Puppies
August, 2020 - Pinkie Puppies

Rat Terrier Tile - D179

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The RD Ranch is proud to be owners and breeders of the Rat Terrier.  Our dogs are type A. Look below for photos of our sire and the girls. I recommend that you view our Contract and complete the form to be added to our puppy waiting list.


Madera Chico Dude
DOB:  12/26/2014
Height: 14"
Ears erect
Color:  Black Tri
Registered with: United Kennel Club


RD Ranch Sassy Sidney
DOB:  8/25/2016
Height: 13"
Ears Erect
Color:  Lemon & White
Registered with: United Kennel Club
Pictures of current or past Sidney puppies

RD Ranch Bella Brooke
DOB: 08/25/2016
Height: 13"
Ears erect
Color:  Red Sable
Registered with: United Kennel Club
Pictures of current or past Brooke puppies

RD Ranch Pinkie Lee
DOB: 06/28/2017
Height: 13" tall
Ears erect
Color:  Lemon & White
Registered with: United Kennel Club
Pictures of current or past Pinkie puppies

RD Ranch Rizzo
DOB: 06/28/2017
Height 12" tall
Ears erect
Color:  Black Tri
Registered with: United Kennel Club
Pictures of current or past Rizzo puppies

Our dogs are registered with United Kennel Club. The height of our puppies range from miniature to standard (11" to 14"). Ears may be erect , tipped or button. I will not guarantee size or ear style.

Please do not ask me what I think the pups will weigh as adults.  This can vary too much in how the dog is kept by the owner. Rat Terriers are working terriers and should be muscular in build.

Colors:  Our puppies are usually tri-colored (white with patches of black and tan) or bi-colored (any combination of tan, chocolate or lemon/apricot with white).  They are coated (meaning they are not the hairless variety).

The United Kennel Club defines the color tan as "ranging from dark tan to very light tan and from intense dark mahogany red to light red with black nose and eyerims".

The lemon/apricot puppies are born white and develop color patches within the first few weeks that deepen in color.  The apricot puppy will have nose pigment that is black.  The only difference between lemon and apricot is that lemon-colored dogs have self-colored nose pigment and the apricots have black-colored nose and eyerims.

Coat patterns:  It is not uncommon for our pups to develop ticking which is flecks or speckles of dark-colored hair on a white background.  The amount of ticking usually increases as the dog ages. 

The other color pattern that we also see with our pups is the sabling.  Pups are born with black-tipped hairs or black hairs overlaid upon a background of another, lighter color (tan).  The black hairs usually decrease in number as the dog matures.  This is very common in our white and tan pups.

Tails:  The puppy tails are docked at less than two days of age unless they are a natural bob.  It is not uncommon for about half of our pups to have a natural bobtail.

Ears:  Ears are V-shaped, set at the outside edges of the skull. Ears are either erect, tipped, or button. It is not possible to determine at birth what the ear carriage will be. Ear carriage may not stabilize until a dog is mature.


At four weeks of age we worm our puppies with Nemex-2 and again at six weeks of age.  Also, at six weeks they are vaccinated as an aid in the prevention of canine distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, and adenovirus - we use Vanguard Plus 5.  These vaccines contain a low passage, high titer Parvo. It can be given at six weeks of age because it overrides interfering maternal antibodies. Vanguard Plus Vaccines provide better protection to puppies. Maternal antibodies may interfere with the development of an adequate immune response in puppies less than 4 months old. New parents are given a Canine Vaccination Record.

I highly recommend that you do NOT vaccinate for Leptospirosis until they are at least 4 months old. This component of the puppy vaccine is quite likely to cause adverse reactions, such as local irritation, swelling of the face, difficult breathing, or collapse. I know of several people whose puppy had a severe reaction to the Lepto. Of course, you should discuss this with your veterinarian. We do not give Lepto to our dogs until they are 4 months old and even then we watch them closely.

Other vaccines are available for Lyme disease, giardia and coronavirus infection. The use and efficacy of these vaccines is controversial and should be considered on an individual basis. We do not give our dogs these vaccines.

I recommend that you reduce your puppies exposure to diseases during the vulnerable period. Until after your pup has completed their puppy vaccines, keep him/her away from parks and areas with a lot of dog traffic. When in the veterinary office, keep your pup away from other dogs and off the floor where other dogs might have been.

Puppies must receive their rabies vaccine at 4 months of age. Dogs must receive the rabies vaccine again in a year and every three years thereafter. The other vaccines are given on an annual basis but this should be discussed with your vet. Many are of the belief that dogs do not need to be vaccinated near as often as has been the past practice.

Our dogs are all fed Purina Puppy Chow Complete Nutrition Formula. This is usually started at 4 weeks of age as a gruel.  This is a very messy learning stage for our puppies. 

At eight weeks are puppies are ready to be placed in their new homes.

Our puppies are born in our bedroom in a childs play pen.  Although we try not to have more than one litter at a time it doesn't always work that way.  In February, 2001 we had 3 litters born within 7 days of each other.  Our bedroom was wall to wall playpens.  Moms did not always find this to be comfortable but puppies didn't care.

Most of the inquiries we get from families are for female puppies. The common perception is that females make better pets ("more obedient", "more docile", "easier to deal with" or "they're smaller"). This may be true in naturally more aggressive breeds however this is just not true with the Rat Terrier.

See our Birth Website for some excellent pictures of Shelby (Sadie's sister) having puppies.


I have had many inquiries from prospective parents all over the United States. Yes we can ship our animals to you (within the US only). This requires they be at least 8 weeks old. Please visit my shipping webpage for more information on what is required and the costs involved. Please don't ask me how much it cost. I get emails everyday from all over the US and a very, very small percentage of these people have actually purchased and had me ship the animal. I do not ship other people's animals.


The Rat Terrier is an American breed descended from the terriers brought to the US by immigrants in the 1890s.  Originally they were a cross between a Manchester Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier and now extinct English White Terrier.  The first Rat Terriers (called Feist) were black and tan colored, their ears buttoned over and they were approximately 18 pounds in size and proved to be one of the best breeds in the sport of rat baiting.  The Rat Terrier holds the record for killing 2,501 rats in a seven hour period in a rat infested barn.

Some of these dogs were crossed Whippet, Italian Greyhound, and Beagle.  The Chihuahua was introduced to develop the Toy Rat Terrier.  The new breeds also introduced a new range of colors; red, brindle, liver, chocolate, blue, and apricot in addition to the black and tan.

They are a natural hunter with seemingly unlimited energy and tenacity.  The Rat Terrier is still used throughout the USA for any kind of vermin or hunting small and large game, from squirrel and rabbit to pig or deer.

The breed was popularized by President Theodore Roosevelt who kept Rat Terriers and even had them at the White House.  He often hunted with the breed and was the person responsible for the breed being named "Rat Terrier".

The Rat Terrier was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 1999. They are also registered with American Kennel Club, Continental Working Terrier Club and The Universal Kennel Club International. United Kennel Club is the registry we choose to use.


The Rat Terrier is an exceptionally smart, excellent family dog.  Their personality makes them a desirable dog in a suburban or rural setting.  They are energetic, alert, easy to train and get along well with children, other dogs and even cats.  They are an excellent companion dog and watchdog.  While not usually quarrelsome nor aggressive, Rat Terriers are protective and agressive hunters.

Their short hair means they shed less and are easier to keep clean.  Although their size is small they don't have a small dog attitude.


UKC divides the Rat Terrier into two varieties for conformation exhibition:  Miniature and Standard.
Miniature Variety:  Not exceeding 13 inches, measured at the withers.
Standard Variety:  Over 13 inches but not exceeding 18 inches, measured at the withers.

I have been asked if my pups are Type A or Type B.  They are Type A.  UKC defines the preferred ratio of length of body (prosternum to point of buttocks) to height (withers to ground) to 10:9.  A short-legged dog whose proportions vary significantly from the 10:9 ratio lacks breedtype and must be disqualified. Besides that I don't like the Type B look.

I realize that there are many other registries who have different breed standards.  I have chosen UKC as my registry and abide by their breed standards.


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