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COMING SOON IN OCTOBER 2020 - COWS & CALVES FOR SALE: We have a couple cow/calf pairs for sale. We will have them all preg checked. Contact us to be put on the list.


The Dexter Cattle originated in south west of Ireland at the end of the eighteenth century. It was introduced into England in 1882. Although it is believed they came to the United States earlier, the first recorded importations arrived between 1905 and 1915 and numbered over two hundred head.

Dexters are one of the naturally smallest breeds of cows and have not been miniaturized by breeding as have other miniature breeds. The Dexter is a dual purpose breed, with both beef and dairy qualities. They are a hardy animal, thriving in both hot and cold climates with little difficulty. They give birth easily, are good foragers and are excellent mothers. Dexters generally have a very good temperment and are highly intelligent. This combined with their small size makes them easy to handle and ideal for small acreage.

A Dexter cow can yield between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2+ gallons per day. The meat is excellent and the cuts are small in size in comparison to the larger breeds.

Dexter cattle are listed as rare by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Although almost extinct they have made a remarkable comeback with small acreage farmers around the world.


Cows measure between 36 and 42 inches in shoulder height at three years of age, and weigh approximately 750 pounds. Bulls are slightly larger at 38 to 44 inches shoulder height, and weigh in around 1000 pounds. The breed comes in three colors: predominantly black, but also red and dun. They can be horned or polled.

Our Sire Glenn Land Mr Baron
ADCA 035754


The Cows

Delani and Sue

Glenn Land Rose and her heifer calf born 9/17/06
More photos to come!  

Our previous sire - Modoc

Glenn Land Mr ModocMan
DOB: 3/26/2000
Sire: Llanfair's Polgaron - Pedigree
Dam: Glenn Land Modoc Girl
This bull has been sold but I am keeping the information on him since we do still have his daughters. Although an older experienced guy, he tested excellent on his last semen test with an 80% motility. Black, polled, chondro free.


Our previous sire Glenn Land Mr Simeon

Glenn Land Mr Simeon - Pedigree
Simeon went to his new home last year. He doesn't carry the dun gene.
Calves from him are only be red or black.

Our previous sire Simeon with his sire Redfire

Simeon & Sire Redfire (Dam Ms Silver)
DOB 5/22/06
Located at our California ranch
Simeon is the sire of our herd.
Sire: Glenn Land Mr. Redfire - Pedigree
Dam: Glenn Land Ms Silver - Pedigree

More pictures to come


Our herd is registered with the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association (PDCA). This registry was the original one and honestly I have found them to be much more responsive than the alternative.

Chondrodysplasia: Dexter Cattle can carry a genetic mutation called Chondrodysplasia. This mutation causes defective bone growth which results in short legged, heavy bodied animals. Although this short legged animal is very appealing with its small stature, the gene can be lethal. If two carrier animals mate, the statistics indicate that one in four calves would be a “bulldog” calf – grossly deformed and born dead. Our entire herd has been tested for Chondrodysplasia. Ours are all non-carriers.

PHA (Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca): Pulmonary Hypoplasia indicates incomplete formation of the lungs. Anasarca indicates an accumulation of fluids in tissues and body cavities. PHA-affected calves are either aborted or stillborn. Because of the anasarca, the PHA calf may be tremendously swollen which would make delivery exceedingly difficult and potentially life threatening for the cow. The PHA affected calf occurs when the PHA gene is inherited from both the sire and the dam. If only one of the parents carry the gene, the calf will appear normal, but can carry the PHA gene. We have not yet had our herd tested but have not had experienced any aborted or stillborn calves.

Breeding Other Cows: Sorry but we do not take in other people's cows for breeding. It is just too much work and I don't want the responsility of other animals not to mention the risk of bringing in potential diseases.

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