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Mowgi & Callie - the RD Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs!

Lisa: "Well, we made it home, and the pup didn't move off of his bed on the back seat. Even though Cindi's pup tried her best to engage him in some play. I carried him into the house, and I am sure the neighbors thought he was being skinned alive with all of his squalling. He slep in a crate, and this morning I got a tail wag and he has eaten a little food. The door is open on the crate, and he is watching the other dogs in the house, but content to lay there. He is starting to whine a little now, so I think we'll venture out to the yard for a potty break."

Rajah resides in Herald.

Rajah is just about a year old in this photo.

Bella - Then and Now.
Kathryn: "Here are some of Bella over her first year. She has grown into a very beautiful little girl of only 105 lbs -- at least thus far. She is probably as tall as she is going to get, we see her filling out a little more.."


Wanda: "Here's Yellar on the ride home from your ranch."

Wanda: "Yellar - This was day one at our home. He settled right in with our wolfhound, Blue and they are the best of friends"

Wanda - "Here is a picture of Yellar. He's such a great dog. He protects our horses and property and we could not ask for a better dog. Thank you so much."

Liz: "I thought I'd send a couple of pictures of Zeus in his new working clothes."

"He's doing great, follows us around everywhere, and getting used to the quite larger sheep."

Lenore: "D O G is now 9 months old and is a big love bug. I just adore him so. Here is playing with my little dog."

Christine: "Cute puppy picture"

Christine: "Here is Rajah with his little brother. He is already so protective of him. If the puppy even squeeks Rajah comes running to the rescue. They are adorable together."


Anatolian Shepherd Club of America
Livestock Guardian Club Association
American Kennel Club - Anatolian Shepherd


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